One of the most fascinating things to have occurred to our planet is the Lomilomi and Native massage of Oceania. It was a revolution in culture when the people of Oceania arrived on the islands. It was there that they were taught about the importance of cultural beliefs and practices and how they could aid in healing the human race. As they learned more about the world and other cultures they began to modify their traditions to create what we call the Lomilomi or indigenous massage of Oceania. This is the story behind the origins of this technique.

Many of you are aware that the people of Oceania were among the first humans to be a part of Earth. They lived in a highly organized and sophisticated society prior to when humans arrived. Everything was controlled by rituals, and ritual was the only way that people moved. There were no automobiles there were no televisions and few other technological advancements.

The first people arrived on the island and utilized the baskets, plants, trees, and rocks to create shelter and clothing. The first tools were primitive but they soon realized that by combining specific materials they could make tools out of other things. For instance, the native makua plant was broken into compounds that could be used to form weapons. As the island grew and more cultures emerged, these unique connections between people took on physical shape. This is the reason for both the Lomilomi tradition and the techniques used by the ancient Oceania nations. This kind of spiritual and physical connection between people began to be put into written form to aid in regulating communication.

It wasn’t long before the concept of using the therapeutic power of massage therapy spread across the globe. It was popularized by the wealthy of America and Europe, and slowly expanded to the developing world. There are many similarities between our world and theirs however, the Lomilomi and Oceania civilizations were very different. In many ways the Oceania societies were built on a different foundation as did the Lomilomi. The Lomilomi had to provide physical and spiritual nourishment, and the Oceania societies needed the means to maintain social and political organization while ensuring technological advancement.

Both these cultures also created a system of medicine that was unique to their place and time. Unfortunately, there is not much documentation about the history of massage therapy in Oceania or Lomilomi. However, this information is being preserved through oral traditions. These oral traditions do provide clues to the past of the practice, and provide us some of the tools we need to start deciphering the world’s most important culture. Massage practices can be traced back to the Oceania and Lomilomi cultures. Their beliefs about nature and the forces that shape our destiny are the roots of our current massage practices.

Massage was a ritual of healing that was practiced by the Oceania and Lomilomi societies in the early days. The Lomilomi were, for instance covered their wounds with the milk of the sacred plant Nupata (pronounced no-PAHT) and would massage the skin of the warrior to signify of healing and good luck. Likewise the Oceana people would make use of the steam from the eruption of a volcano to soothe their wounds and the Polynesians believed that salt water could heal wounds , and that the powder of bird’s feathers could help them heal. All of these practices became the foundations of the massage therapies we know today.

As you can imagine as you would expect, the two cultures had very different opinions about the use of massage. The Lomilomi considered their own style of massage therapy and believed it played a significant role in Polynesian culture. The Oceania people were more open to alternative therapies, and their belief about massage therapy was that the body could heal itself. They did not see massage therapy as something that could be studied as a science, but rather as something that could help with illness. Both cultures were able to reap the benefits of massage therapy. This was one of many benefits of traveling to Oceania.

Today the Oceania Islands are still home to a variety of massage therapists. A lot of the islands have entire towns built around professional massage businesses and there is a thriving industry that attracts a lot of curious travelers to explore the background of this ancient art. If you are interested in learning more about Oceania and the ancient practice of massage therapy, there are plenty of websites that can help you learn everything you need to be aware of. The fascinating story of one of the world’s earliest oceanic civilizations is something everyone can appreciate.

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