samsung 49k5500 review 2022 May

Is the Samsung ue55au7100 4K HDR TV worth buying?

In this review of Samsung UE55AU7100 4K HDR TV as a representative of the AU7100 series, we will look at all the main parameters of a TV that can affect your choice. The Samsung AU7100 is a beautiful TV, especially for the entry-level model.

Is the Samsung Galaxy 50au9000 a good looking phone?

And sure enough, the 50AU9000 is an elegant and understated looker – and, when viewed in profile, looks quite remarkably slender. It’s the final figure in the Samsung’s 1119 x 645 x 26mm (h x w x d) measurements that’s the most arresting.

Is the Samsung au9000 4K TV worth it?

The Samsung AU9000 is a high-achieving, affordable 4K TV. For most people, most of the time, this could be all the television they’ll ever need. Just remember to budget for a soundbar.

Is the Samsung un32m4500 HD a good TV?

Why We Like It – Samsung UN32M4500 The Samsung M4500 HD is a basic smart TV with great picture quality and sound quality. This Samsung TV also has an affordable price and low power consumption. Despite being basic, this LED TV still has Wi Fi and can control your smart home.

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