lg oled tv 4k 55c8 2022 May

Is the LG 55c8 a good TV?

Picture quality is excellent due to the perfect blacks and impressive uniformity. The LG 55C8 can produce very bright highlights in real scenes and also produces saturated colors, to make HDR pop. The fast response time does result in some stutter, especially when viewing movies in long panning shots.

What is the resolution of LG OLED TV?

Resolution : 4k. The LG OLED C8 is a great 4k OLED TV with excellent picture quality. The emissive technology allows it to produce perfect blacks, which is excellent for dark rooms. The image also remains accurate when viewed at an angle, which is great for those with wide seating.

Is the oled55c8pua a good TV?

The OLED55C8PUA has perfect black uniformity, with no clouding due to its ability to turn off black pixels. This TV is especially well suited to watching movies in a dark room. The OLED C8 has excellent reflection handling.

Should I buy the LG C8 OLED TV?

The LG C8, just like all OLEDs, has perfect blacks and good viewing angles which make it a better choice if you enjoy watching movies in a dark room, or if you have a wide seating arrangement. The LG C8 can also handle reflections better if your room has many light sources.

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