dw 5600 tough solar 2022 May

What are the dimensions of the gw-b5600 and dw-5600?

The GW-B5600 measures 48.9 x 42.8 x 13.4 mm which is the same as the DW-5600E-1V and a little shorter and narrower than the GMW-B5000. The resin-link band of the GW-B5600BC-1 and GW-B5600BC-1B appears to be similar to other hard “composite” bands we’ve seen on G-Shock watches before but with all resin links with internal metal parts.

What is the difference between the dw-5000 and dw5600de?

CASIO-original technology is used to produce a pattern on the case and band that resembles the look of always popular, always fashionable denim. The DW5600DE has the original square case whose design is inspired by the original DW-5000, which is G-SHOCK at its core.

What makes the gwm5600th-1 so special?

With two-tone black and white, the GWM5600TH-1 is simplistic in design, yet packs a powerful punch, incorporating G-Shock's rugged and tough technical elements of Shock and Water resistance along with Atomic Timekeeping and Tough Solar Power.

What is the G Shock dw5600sl-7?

G-Shock DW5600SL-7 This new model is based on the popular thin case DW5600 with the addition of a concrete and canvas pattern that appears cracked and worn, which highlights the tough G-Shock image. Special printing technology is used to create a look of roughness and other effects that have been difficult to achieve until now.

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